Health Care Apps for Smartphones


Today, most people don’t leave the house without bringing along their smartphone. Smartphone users can schedule calendar events, surf the web, and download a variety of applications, commonly known as “apps”. Smartphone users have seen an explosion of innovation when it comes to health-related technology including apps that are available via smartphones and tablet devices. The Health Care industry has developed thousands of health and medically related apps available to consumers—many are free of charge or available for a small purchase price. According to a recent analysis from Juniper Research, by 2019 Health Care smartphone accessory sales are expected to become a $3 billion industry.

We have compiled a list of popular Heath Care apps readily available to download on your mobile device:

Weight Management and Fitness

MyFitnessPal's Calorie Counter is the most popular calorie and weight management apps on the market. In this category, popularity helps because users contribute menu items and nutritional data for all kinds of common food items. That makes the program much easier to use. Just enter whatever you eat, and the quantity (no cheating!) and it adds up the calories for you, along with macronutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Use this in combination with your base metabolic rate and some basic nutritional knowledge and it's a valuable, easy-to-use tool. You just have to be diligent about entering the data.

Another option for basic weigh management is Weight and BMI Diary. OneSportsMan and NikeTrainingClub are two fitness apps that are optimized for the athletic individuals.

Diabetes Management recently surveyed the leading apps specifically designed to manage diabetes. Some apps focus on nutrition and diet plans, others allow you to upload blood glucose levels directly and help track levels, trends and alert you of a deterioration in your diabetes condition.

Recommended options for diabetes management include Glooko, Glucose Buddy, The Diabetes App, and Diabetic Connect, which adds social media and networking functionality to build a support network.

Medication Compliance

These apps are designed to help patients remember to take their medications on schedule, and help track dosages.  Some of these apps can also be programmed to alert friends, neighbors or other caregivers if too much time goes by after you were due to take medication and record it in the app. Top-rated apps in this space include MyMedSchedule, MyMeds and RxmindMe.


There are a variety of pregnancy apps allowing expecting parents to track a baby’s development, recommend prenatal fitness and diet and even suggest baby names. According to the top apps for pregnancy include: MyPregnancyToday, Gerber Pregnancy Calendar and BabyBump Pregnancy Pro.

Child's Medical History Apps

If you're looking for a pregnancy app, you'll probably look at one of these before long: An application that allows you to keep everything a doctor will want to know about your child's medical history, right on your cell. Information could include emergency contact numbers, doctors, allergies, immunization records, current medications being taken, diabetes-related information, and more. Top choices include Child Medical History, MyMedical and Capzule PHR.