Is Your Insurance Portfolio Up-to-Date?

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Take this brief survey to find out the health level of your personal insurance portfolio:

  1. Do you know the name of your agent?

  2. Have your policies been updated in the last three years?

  3. In the event of a total loss, could you rebuild your house in today’s market with your current coverage amount?

  4. If you lost a piece of jewelry at the grocery store, would you have the coverage for it?

  5. Do you have business exposures that could threaten your personal assets? (Rental properties, business ownerships or partnerships, non-profit participation, etc.)

  6. Do you have an umbrella policy?

  7. Do you have one insurance professional to turn to for advice?

  8. Do you know what your current premiums and deductibles are?

If you answered no, or I am not sure, to three or more of the above questions, it’s time for an insurance “checkup.”

SIA Group offers boutique insurance products to clients with multi-faceted accounts. We believe insurance is an interactive conversation about not only personal property, but also liability exposures. Your policy should be as personalized as the possessions it protects. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!