Minnesota Law Alert: Minneapolis Wage Theft Prevention

On August 8, 2019, the City of Minneapolis adopted portions of the state’s new wage theft law. Wage theft is underpayment or failure to pay all wages earned. Under the local ordinance and state law, employers must adhere to a regularly scheduled payday, provide employees with pre-hire notices of employment terms and conditions, and earnings statements at the end of each pay period.

The city’s ordinance exceeds the state’s requirements as follows:

  • Employers must include an employee’s current balance of available sick and safe time hours on all earnings statements.

  • All the following must be included on pre-hire notices, in addition to state law requirements:

    • The date when employment begins;

    • A notice regarding sick and safe time rights;

    • A statement that tip sharing is voluntary under state law (where applicable); and

    • Relevant overtime policies.

The city provides additional information and preliminary FAQ’s on its new wage theft website.

The ordinance is effective January 1, 2020.

See the website

Mayar Mahmoud