11 Strategies For Motivating Your Employees

One of the best ways to motivate your people is through appreciation and recognition - the more frequent, the better. In our 2016 WorkHuman Research Insitute Report, 79% of respondents told us recognition and rewards makes them work harder.
— Sarah Payne, Managing Editor at Globoforce

Keeping employees motivated and happy is a key focus for businesses who are trying to stay competitive in today's ever-changing business landscape. 

Ensuring your employees feel appreciated and are satisfied is an important factor in reducing turnover. Organizations who focus on keeping employees having and motivated find it easier to stay competitive in their recruitment and retention efforts. 

One way to boost morale and productivity is to introduce strategies to motivate your employees in the workplace; this may include tangible rewards and more intangible things like communication or attitude. Doing so can help employees feel like their performance is meaningful to the company, and that their work is appreciated. 

Strategies for Motivating Employees

Here are some suggestions to get you started: 

  • Create a personal vision statement and purpose for the organization. 
  • Develop a passion for the vision statement to inspire others and get them excited. 
  • Share management's excitement and expectations for the future with employees through effective communication from the top down. 
  • Help others see how their jobs and accomplishments make a difference and contribute to the company's success. 
  • Work with employees at all levels of the organization to formulate goals that coincide with the organization's goals. These goals should be fulfilling and promote personal development as well as helping employees perform their jobs better. 
  • Inspire employees to push beyond their comfort zones to achieve greater things and exceed expectations. Give employees opportunities to take on new responsibilities or projects to grow as professionals. 
  • Offer opportunities for employees to advance within the company rather than recruiting only from outside. 
  • Offer personal, team, and company-wide recognition when employees accomplish major goals or produce exceptional work. Encourage managers to recognize individual good work on a consistent basis. Recognizing employees on all levels of the company, not just management or long-time employees, is important in keeping motivation and morale high. 
  • Introduce incentives or rewards for exceptional performance. This could include a salary increase, a bonus, a vacation or other gifts. Be sure to tailor incentives to the employee's job duties to make them as effective as possible. Give these incentives on a timely basis related to good performance, rather than simply once per year. 
  • Train managers on how to develop better relationships with their team members, including discussing solid communication and frequent one-on-one engagement. 
  • Ask employees what the company could do to make them more motivated to do their jobs. Employee surveys can reveal meaningful insights. 

Remember to never take your employees for granted or your company will struggle to hire and retain talented individuals. These motivation strategies can help boost your employee morale and satisfaction.