New Jersey Law Alert: Wage Theft

On August 5, 2019, Acting New Jersey Governor Sheila Oliver signed legislation (S.B. 1790) to protect New Jersey workers from wage theft. The law increases damages and fines for employers that fail to pay wages, overtime, or benefits (wage theft) as follows:

  • Employees subject to wage theft to are entitled to receive the full amount of wages owed, including wages lost because of an employer’s retaliatory action in response to a wage theft complaint; and

  • Liquidated damages of up to 200 percent of the wages owed.

Additional employer penalties and employee protections are included in the law. For example, an agreement by the employee to work for wages that are less than the amount agreed to (or required by law) is not a defense to a wage theft claim.

The law took effect August 5, 2019.

Read NJ S.B. 1790

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