New Mexico Law Alert: Bernalillo County Enacts Paid Leave for Any Reason

On August 20, 2019, the Board of Commissioners of Bernalillo County adopted the Employee Wellness Act (Ord. 2019-17) requiring employers to provide paid time off to employees who work for compensation for at least 56 hours in a year within the county’s unincorporated limits. The act applies to employers that are required to apply for a business registration from the county, with physical premises within the county’s unincorporated limits, and that have two or more employees within the county’s unincorporated limits.

The act also includes:

  • Accrual terms (one hour of earned paid time off for every 32 hours worked) with incremental, annual increases over three years;

  • Permitted uses (an employer must permit an employee to use the earned paid time off accrued for any use);

  • Procedures for paid time off;

  • Impact of the act on pre-existing leave policies;

  • Notice and recordkeeping requirements;

  • Temporary exemption for new local businesses; and

  • Enforcement provisions.

The ordinance is effective July 1, 2020.

Read Ord. 2019-17


Mayar MahmoudSIA Group