Safeguarding Your Valuables


According to the Jewelers Security Alliance, reports of grab and run thefts increased from 301 in 2015 to 420 in 2016, a 40% increase. The average grab and run loss in 2016 was $7,664. With Valentine’s Day approaching, February can bring both—the romance and the ROBBERIES. Well-known Hollywood figures that have reported having hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of valuables stolen include John Stamos’ fiance Caitlin McHugh, Hilary Duff, Alanis Morissette and Simon Cowell to name a few. With people regularly posting schedules and other agendas online we are the peak of vulnerability. Criminals have (almost) an exact idea of people valuables and possessions, and when homes could potentially be empty.

Unfortunately, theft and robberies are inevitable occurrences, but there are precautions you can take to insure valuables are well taken care of and protected from unforeseen circumstances.

Some tips to keep your jewelry safe:

  • Store your jewelry in a secure location in your home. If you don't plan to wear the item regularly, consider keeping it in a safe deposit box. Don’t make yourself a target.
  • Take a picture of the item or collection. Get into the habit of keeping a photo record of all of your personal possessions. This helps to document your loss and speeds up the claims process.
  • Update the value of your jewelry. Expensive items increase or decrease in value from year to year.
  • Consider installing home security cameras. Not only are home security cameras relatively inexpensive a help to deter burglars, security cameras can provide the evidence needed should an investigation be conducted.
  • Use the Jewelry Care Guide to safely clean and care your precious jewels.

We don’t always know what is going to happen,  but one thing is for sure, the unexpected does happen. Let us help protect you, your family, property, and valuables. For more information on insuring your valuables, and other personal insurance solutions contact us.