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What are an Employer's Fiduciary Responsibilities?

A lawsuit was recently settled for $62 million in which the employees accused their employer of mismanaging their 401(k) plans. The employees claimed their employer hid excessive fees and invested in conservative investments resulting in diminished returns for plan participants.

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Discriminatory Practices Prove Costly

Although your fiscal year may not begin in January, the beginning of the calendar year is a great time to review company policies and audit human resource procedures. One particular area that continues to be problematic for employers is government regulations and laws that prohibit discriminatory workplace practices. Whether intentional or inadvertent, these illegal employment practices have proven quite costly to businesses.

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Top Training Methods for Employers

Making sure that employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful operation begins with the proper training techniques. But what exactly are those techniques? Whether one form of training yields better results than another can only be measured by employee performance. This leads many employers to the question, “Which training technique is best for my company?” The following methods can be used to improve employee engagement, morale, and to help cultivate a positive workplace culture no matter the industry.

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