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The Importance of Encouraging Workplace Wellness

Every good employer knows that the most important asset to their company is their employees. Every employer wants their employees to reach maximum productivity levels at a proficient rate. Promoting wellness  is one of the most beneficial choices an employer can make to encourage employees to reach their full potential. 

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What are an Employer's Fiduciary Responsibilities?

A lawsuit was recently settled for $62 million in which the employees accused their employer of mismanaging their 401(k) plans. The employees claimed their employer hid excessive fees and invested in conservative investments resulting in diminished returns for plan participants.

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What is Annual Enrollment?

In the insurance industry, 'annual enrollment' refers to the period every year where individuals can sign up for an insurance plan with no discrimination or reduced discrimination against pre-existing conditions, or reduced or non-existent medical underwriting. Insurance companies limit open enrollment to specific times every year in order to protect themselves and everyone else enrolled in their plans against adverse selection, which is the tendency of healthy people not to sign up for insurance until they actually have a claim.

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