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Generation Z in the Workplace

In the next few years, members of Generation Z—those born between 1995 and 2010—will begin entering the workforce. They are remarkably different than their millennial predecessors and their arrival should force businesses to change their marketing strategies and rethink recruitment and retainment techniques. The following article examines the typical characteristics of Generation Z and how they are expected to change the workforce.

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Onboarding: More Than an Orientation

Today’s workplace requires new hires to hit the ground running. But, if you want them to succeed you need to give them the tools, education and information to be productive from the start. By investing in and creating a solid, comprehensive on-boarding program, your organization can reap a number of benefits.

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What Employers Need to Know About Performing Background Checks

When employers look to hire new employees, pre-employment investigations and/or background checks are important to verify the accuracy of the information provided as well as to ensure that the applicant is the best-qualified individual for the open position. With the vast array of online background check options, employers are increasingly taking this convenient path to information seeking.  However, as with most employment practices, there are various state and federal requirements for conducting such checks.  Some of the common checks conducted are listed below, along with some of the pitfalls associated with each.

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