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Generation Z in the Workplace

In the next few years, members of Generation Z—those born between 1995 and 2010—will begin entering the workforce. They are remarkably different than their millennial predecessors and their arrival should force businesses to change their marketing strategies and rethink recruitment and retainment techniques. The following article examines the typical characteristics of Generation Z and how they are expected to change the workforce.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Workforce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is woven into our daily lives but its influence on the future of the workforce has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion. Dubbed by Forrester as the “Cognitive Era,” the use of artificial intelligence in the next decade will be more influential than ever, estimating that 16% of US jobs will be replaced, while the equivalent of 9% jobs will be created — a net loss of 7% of US jobs by 2025.

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