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Investigative Steps to take after a Slip-And-Fall Accident

Slip-and-fall accidents may still happen with the best preventative techniques. While it is crucial to take steps to reduce the risk of these accidents, it is also important to know what to do after one happens. The investigation phase is very important. If there is a thorough investigation, it could limit the responsible company's liability, reduce the cost of claims and protect the business from even more losses.

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Importance Of Safety Programs & OSHA Compliance

A recent major OSHA citation incident has been getting the attention of many workplace leaders. A company in Houston was cited with six other-than-serious violations, three repeat violations and 10 serious violations. The cost of these issues totaled more than $160,000. The incident is a good reminder to employers everywhere that having a solid safety program is crucial.

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Workplace Safety Update: Crisis Communication Plans

When you began your business, you had a detailed plan for success. As time went on, you planned ahead for growth and expansion.  Along the way, a crisis or unexpected event is bound to happen.  What is your plan of action in time of crisis? In today’s world of instant information and Internet rumors, every business must have an emergency communication plan in place – before disaster strikes.

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