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Homeowners Insurance & Social Gatherings

With the warm summer weather here many homeowners enjoy throwing parties for holidays or special events. However, individual homeowners do not think about the insurance coverage they may need with throwing a get-together. Guests who are injured may need to file an injury claim if their vehicle is damaged, fall down or if a pet bites them. Research shows that roughly 75% of adult homeowners who plan social gatherings in their homes do not have a personal umbrella policy.

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What Homeowners Need to Know to Properly Winterize their Homes

With the winter months approaching, homeowners should start securing their homes for protection against wind, snow, ice and other harsh winter elements. Hail, rain and wind are among the most common causes of damage to homes during the colder months. SIA Group has compiled a list of safety tips for protecting your home this winter.

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Use Technology to Make a Home Inventory

We purchase insurance to protect us from what might happen. Hopefully, we go through life, never having to make a claim against our homeowner's or auto insurance policies. We know that the monthly or annual fee is in our best interest, even as we hope to never need its services. Taking home inventory should be just as important.

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