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Commercial Vehicle Accident Causes and Prevention

Motor vehicles accidents are the leading cause of work-related fatalities. Despite the endless safety strategies and recent gains in traffic safety, it’s still a risk when putting a large commercial vehicle on the road. In 2013, there were 30,057 fatal automobile crashes on the nations' highways, 12.7% of them (3,806) involved at least one large truck or bus. In addition, there were an estimate of 5,657,000 non-fatal crashes and 6.8% of them (385,000) involved a large truck or bus, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Administration.

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Proving Fault after a Car Accident

Determining fault following an auto accident involves deciding who the negligent or careless party caused the accident. Usually, there is one individual who violated traffic regulations or failed to yield the right of way. If there is official support of a claim to back up a story after an accident, the argument is strengthened for the insurance company. When trying to prove the other party was at fault, there are several places to look for the necessary supporting evidence.

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Why it is Important to Review Business Insurance Annually

The majority of new business owners are mostly concerned about everything being favorable for the safety and success of their businesses, which means they must obtain the necessary business insurance. However, complacency can result from success and longevity. For example, if a person started a business 10 years ago with only a small workspace but has an office with multiple workers now, they may still have the same insurance policy they purchased when the business first started. If this is the case, it would be insufficient.

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