Telecommuting as a Scheduling Option

Many employers are offering telecommuting — the ability to work remotely from home or another location — as a way to reduce commuting costs, promote work-life balance and increase the pool of qualified candidates. However, telecommuting offers employers benefits that go beyond the time, money, and energy savings associated with reduced travel:

According to a survey by Owl Labs, companies that offer remote-friendly options see 25% less employee turnover than companies that do not.
  • The cost of energy, furniture, and space in the workplace is greatly reduced.

  • Productivity can increase, as employees can dress and work more comfortably in their own home than in an office and are away from the distractions of the workplace.

  • Quality of work can improve as a result of the employees’ higher morale and the feeling that they have greater ownership over their work.

  • Employees are more accessible during the time that they would normally be driving to and from work.

  • Telecommuting policies can significantly reduce absenteeism and tardiness among employees, especially die to weather, traffic, and other conditions that deter employees from traveling to an office. Not to mention reducing the number of illnesses spreading through the office environment creating mass absenteeism incidents.

  • The ability to work from home appeals to prospective and existing employees alike, as it offers flexibility for those who have a long commute and encourages employees who may have to relocate for a spouse or want a greater work-life balance not to leave the company, which can save money lost due to turnover.

  • Employees feel trusted, which not only improves the working relationship between employees and their supervisors, but empowers employees to work hard to retain the sense of trust.

Telecommuting can be a great option for employers and employees alike. Consult legal experts when creating a telecommuting policy to discuss potential compliance issues. Contact us today for more information on determining whether this scheduling option suits your organization!

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