The EEOC is Changing Things by Moving Online


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently proposed a rule that would increase its online presence and communications with private-sector parties.

The proposed rule is nothing new for the agency, but it is the next step in fully implementing digital EEOC claims and related communications. The rule expresses the EEOC’s wishes to conduct most of its routine business through its existing online portal. Routine business, according to the EEOC, includes actions like charge notices, determinations, and position statements.

Additionally, the proposed rule would make modifications aimed at adding clarification to a few EEOC-issued documents, including the EEOC’s Dismissal and Notice of Rights form. For example, the proposed rule would update that form to ensure that employees understand that receiving it doesn’t mean that their claim lacks merit.

As with any other proposed rule, this rule is not immediately in effect. This particular rule is open to public comment for 60 days from February 22nd.

If the rule takes effect, its impact on employers and employees is expected to be minimal, as many already rely on online portals to conduct their day-to-day business.

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